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"Every question answered leads to seven other questions. Therefore to a student the gathering of knowledge merely increases the awareness of how much more there is still to know."

What do you get when you have a fastidious Project leader (Dave van der Kuyp), an indestructible Concept developer (Hanneke Moerland), an amazonian Financial expert (Zienat Rahiembaks) and a Copy editor (Rick Heijmans) who through the powers of modern technology now has the prowess to take on any challenge he deems worthy of his mighty focus!?

I'll tell you what. 'Team 25-1112: Counter Creatives' is the title bestowed upon us by the powers that be, at NEWb. But we have dubbed ourselves 'LEFmutsen' (loosely translated: BRAVEhat's).

Our mission
The successful reporting of the LEFestival, which will be held from 25 to 29 January in the center of the Dutch city Zaandam. In order to complete this mission we will approach it with care and precision on three front's. A LEFestival-paper, video- / photo-content and the use of social media. Combining these separate mediums will prove to be tricky, but we have faith in our ability to produce true Cross-medial products. We believe that besides thorough research, an enthusiastic team, with clear goals, proper preparation, and a well executed plan are what is needed for us to end this mission with pride in the work we have done and a happy employer to boot. The challenges that will come our way be they technical, personal and/or psychological will increase our skills in our chosen fields and we strive to rival the tops in the market with our products and services. 

Our employer
Counter Creatives, the advertising agency for businesses who specialize in media, marketing and communications "Your ticket to creative result". (

The LEFestival
A five-day festival held in the center of the Dutch city Zaandam. Due to it's 200 year existence the city-centre, city-hall and station have all been renewed. And the festival was created to celebrate it's history and future. One day of music, five days of culture and fun. (

Social media
In order to optimize the use of social media, we have created a twitter-account. On which we will periodically update you on the status of our work, any changes that may or may-not occur and problems we might encounter.

Follow us on:!/NEWb_LEFestival

What we would like other NEWb-groups to know?

"We all strive to be the best at what we do. And as each week the title of 'Projectgroup of the week' is handed out to the team who, that week, stands out the most. Please keep one thing in mind: we were the first."

-- Dave van der Kuyp, Projectleader and LEFmuts.

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